Some snippets…

On-going reno, many photos sent by contractor to DH, or DH will snapped then whatsapp me whenever he is there.

Think I need to find a time to extract them out before sharing more as remembrance.

Anyway, we went up to take some measurements of the place before we finalised some other minor furniture. Took some pics that are obviously not too well taken.

Here you goooo..


I realised a lot like to take pic of them along the walkway, so here is mine. Heh.


Our balcony! Before the ugly invisible grilles are up. Meeehhh..


TV feature wall. We did not do the TV console this time round – hope we won’t regret….


The dry kitchen and dining area.


Lastly, my fav spot – the brick wall where our sofa will be placed! :) It will make a perfect place for OOTD shots. Haha!

That’s all for now.. Looking forward to shifting in soon. :)


Hello to “Goodbye, My Love”

Trying to type something here while monitoring my big love doing her homework. Lil spicy is sleeping and alas, some peace for us.

Other than trying to figure out how to ‘write’ on wordpress, I also need to figure out my photo bucket passwords too! Gosh, so many ads in photo bucket now! -_- **turned off**

Anyway, here is throwback post… Something that I am still thinking about even now…

Growing up, I hope to have my own nest. A place of my own that I can call, “home”.

17 Mar 2017– the day I sold off the place, my official first home, my matrimonial home, marital home or watever people call it.

Took some pictures as remembrance before I left this place.


The living room.

I really love it bright and white!


View from another corner. After removing the dining table, our hall looks so much bigger!


View from the walkway.

My big gal was telling me that she doesn’t wanna move. 😭 so is mama!


The kitchen with our big 2-doors fridge taken.

We dun cook a lot, usually small meal and baby’s food.

The service yard is always packed with many clothes. Now it’s so empty. 😪


The master bedroom.

The place that the 4 of us squeezed to sleep together. Reading bedtime stories before turning in.


East facing. Bright in the day but never too hot!


The bathroom- where the gals take turn to shower!


Gonna miss waking up to this view! 😩


The guest room. Supposed to be the gals’ room but they never get to sleep here.

Their wardrobes are in this room though.

Sorry for the mess, we were waiting for the mover to clear them.


My wardrobe!!! So not used to it being so empty too!

All cleared! The smallest part is DH’s, needless to say. 😌


Another side of my wardrobe.


My built-in wardrobe.

Wanted to bring it with me but I honestly have no idea if my new nest will be this big to house it. 😪


My big big shoes cabinets!!

We stacked our shoes as high thou fengshui is against this. 😑 no choice cos we have too many shoessss…


Feeling emo as we closed the door and leave the place for good. 😭


Tears just kept rolling down…. 💔


My agent took a pic of us signing off the necessary documents at hdb hub.

The official signing off and handling over of keys!

Din expect myself to be so emo and attached to this place that I have called, “home” for the past 5.5y.

Seeing it built from stretch.. ground zero, and the way till today.

 I hope this place will be well-loved by the new owner.

You will be missed. Good bye, my love. 

Good to be back!

Almost 2 years since i last touched my weblog, which is obviously neglected and collected lotsa cobwebs.

Back today cos the photos on my iPhone are corrupted! I am trying my utmost to retrieve and backup as many as I could.

So much to catch up, and on the hindsight, I may need another 2 years to catch up – I am officially a mother of 2! :)

Double trouble, double fun, double happiness.

For now, I terribly need my photos back! Back in one piece! _/|\_

Paris je t’aime 2013

Been a while since I posted here… And today, I am gonna post on the family’s photo shoot we had in Paris back in 2013! Not gonna post all the pics to flood my post, LOL. Here are some of the selected ones and I hope you like them as much as we do. :)


22.12.13: she is 1y11m3w2d old today.

In order to catch the empty Parisian streets, we needed to be there early in the morning. While we had the empty beautiful street with Eiffel Tower, we looked tired with puffy eyes! :( And weather wasn’t perfect on that day unlike the day before. Mehhh…

Then again, it’s Paris!

And yes, we ended the shoot with some pics of the 2 of us.. Cos she refused to cooperate later. :X


Paris, wait for us. We will be back again. xoxo.

Bring my child to work 2014

This year’s children’s day fell on 3 Oct (Fri), there were no schools and we were allowed to bring our children to work for half a day in the morning with a few activities lined up for them.

The programmes were meant for kids between 5 to 12 years old but I went ahead with the registration and it was successful. :P Heh…

03.10.14: she is 2y9m5d old.

DH drove us to work and the cheeky one was so happy to know that she is coming with me to my office.

I brought her around and she was overwhelmed by my colleagues when I told her to address, “aunties, uncles…” LOL.

The furry fan actually reminded her of the Pioneer Generation 建国配套 song. WAHHAHA.. So successful and catchy for kids like her!

She din wanna take pic with me!! :( Until she heard me saying to my colleagues that there were teas available and she wanted some! -_- I used this opportunity to snap a pic with her. Glad it turned out well. :) The tea…? I gave her one mini small cup and it was too hot so she did not drink it. Heh..

We headed to our first activity of the day – Sandwich making!

Presenting to you… our lil gingy! Teehheeee..

After a short 15mins break, we headed to our second activity. I actually registered her for balloon sculpting but I think I will be the one twisting more. Instead, I took her to the dance studio for zumba kids class! The instructor gave her a small candy for being the youngest in class. :P

Being the youngest in class, she didn’t follow the instructions and after a while, she told me she wanna leave… After we left the studio, she told me she wanna dance again! Duh…

Some fooling around while having our really light lunch and waiting for DH to pick us up for our staycation with W! :)

What a fruitful Friday we had!

And of cos, my LO enjoyed herself so much that day. She kept telling me that she loves my office, the classrooms (transformed from meeting room) and the sandwich making. Even till today, she is still telling me how much she loves my office! LOL. Hopefully I will be able to bring her along next year. ;)

Lobsters for Post-Wedding Anniversary Lunch

4 years since we had our customary wedding since 101010…
4 years of ups and downs…
4 years of tears and laughter…
4 years of give and take…
4 years of growing and ageing…

Like many couples, we have our fair share of arguments and patience gets tested. It’s no longer about compromising but collaborating to make things work. When going gets tough, tough gets going! :_)

Since we have celebrated our anniversary with W hotel (link here) earlier last week. We did not take leave to celebrate, and DH actually had migraine! We had home cooked soup that he prepared the night before while he took his rest. So glad that he recovered the next day (i.e. today!) and we could proceed for our lobster lunch at Pince and Pints!

My daughter insisted carrying her empty sling bag cos it has her favourite princesses on it! -_-” the pink tutu skirt was very long when we first bot for her. Now it’s getting shorter… LOL. It also shows that she is growing bigger and taller!

11.10.14: She is 2y9m1w6d old today.

We reached Pince and Pints at around 12.05pm, and thinking that we might be the earliest (they are opened for lunch at 12nn on Saturday) but we were so wrong! There were already a few tables occupied and it was full house by 1pm! How good biz! It’s not my first time there and I already knew what to order. :P

Chilli Lobster for me. Grilled Lobster for DH. :9 He ordered a glass of white wine to go along too…

Did some cropping as there were servers standing near us. Heh.

Having been to the iconic Lobsters and Burger in London (link here), it’s hard for us not to compare the two since their concept is quite similar. While we prefer the grilled lobsters in L&B more, we love love love the local delight – Chilli Lobsters! The chilli gravy is generous and we love dipping the fresh lobster meats into it. Slurp.. You can order more mantou if you want to. :)

Service wise, I definitely prefer ours a lot more. L&B is forever busy and packed with queue! Moreover, since we are Asians, our treatment was not as good as we expected. HAHA. But London is not as bad as Paris! Ooopps, speaking of which, I still need to catch up on blogging my Europe family tour before the next trip takes place. :X

Anyway, DH almost wanted to order another plate of Chilli Lobster! Priced at a hefty $48 (excluding taxes), I told him to think twice, haha. Our final bill came up to be $129! Then again, it was a very filling lunch for me. :) Burpppp..

Before we left, we caught Frederick Yap and Velda Tan at the door! **fangirl mode** OK, I wasn’t sure if that was Velda as she was sitting down, in casual wear. :X I was too shy to take a second look. Fred was very friendly and he stood at the door to thank us for coming. :) Very nice gesture, I thought. And he is soooo tall! HAHAHA.

It’s definitely worth a visit but unlike crab, I dun crave for lobsters a lot and $48 is rather pricey for me even though it’s still cheaper than many fine dining restaurants. :)

WOW October!

And so, we decided to do another staycation again, teehee.. This time round, it was meant for our wedding anniversary. :) DH has been wanting to do a staycay at W hotel (since Paris then Taipei…) and so he went ahead to reserve a wonderful room at W Hotel Sentosa Cove.


03.10.14: she is 2y9m5d old.

We were early and reached the hotel at around 1+pm, so we decided to give it a try to check-in early even though we were told that check-in time is at 3pm during reservation. To our surprise, the lady told us our room is ready and we can do the check-in now! :) She even told us that since it was for our wedding anniversary, they have kindly upgraded us to a suite.

Yes, SUITE. Not the first time we got upgraded to a suite in local staycation, hence we did not think much of it.

Here comes the REAL BIG SURPRISE! We got upgraded to the Fantastic Suite, which cost a whopping $1,900/night (excl GST) and it comes with a balcony with plunge pool! PRIVATE POOL just outside your bedroom, how cool is that?

I am sorry if I sound like a bimbo or mountain tortoise (frog in a well). But we weren’t expecting this kind of generosity and upgrade arrangement by W!

Alrighty, enough of the background story.. More photos await!

The living room with posh decor, 46″ LED TV and FREE WIFI! Can I bring the carpet back instead?

Guest Bathroom. Ahhh, I love the lamp and wallpaper too!

The king-sized bed bedroom that comes with 40″ LED TV… A family photo of us on the comfy bed and their signature motif headboard.

Bathroom with rain shower and a 26″LED TV for you to enjoy your favourite TV shows while soaking in the Jacuzzi bathtub! :D Look at the view outside! I can soak in the tub all day!

Captivating view of the Quayside Isle and yacht marina! Feeling like a richie rich but with view like this, who needs to work? :P Then again, we cannot afford such extravagant lifestyle if we don’t work. Having said that, I guess these people let their money work for them, not the other way round. :)

ALL the LED HDTV comes with Bose surround sound! Shiok to the max!

Tick tock tick tock.. My gift to DH but I personally think it fits me more? :P Maybe we can share wearing it. Heh!

There is a small walk-in wardrobe which is not in pic.

Someone was getting impatient especially seeing a pool! But we were famished and we need foooddddd…. Of cos, there is no way to dip in the pool at 3pm unless we wanna get sunburnt!

A couple pic of us back facing the pool. LO refused to take pic and hence we went ahead without her. HAHAHA..

Here is me in the Love Bonito Loretta Flare Dress. Love it soooo much cos it comes with sleeves and pockets! I have too many sleeveless dresses without pockets. Should I get another piece in another colour? :P LOL…

With her this time and you can see how unwilling she was… :(

We made a reservation for the hi-tea at 3pm, but we were told that there wasn’t any booking under DH’s name. Duh… Then again, the good thing about having staycation on weekday (despite a Friday and long weekend) is there weren’t much crowd and we got a nice table near the floor-to-ceiling windows! I love anywhere with natural daylight as long as it’s not hot! :)

Free flow of tea and coffee from 3pm to 5pm. The sushi with cheese is something new to me and since DH is not a fan of cheese, I took his while he took my chocolate wine tart.

We told the LO to snap a pic with us before we tuck in… Heh. Food and treat work on her at all time!

Chose sugar donut (her fav) over her fav pink colour macaroon!

The portion of the hi-tea dessert buffet is just nice for us. Service was impeccable as well, the staff who served us were friendly and attentive. Thumbs up!

Happy us, happy tummies and happy pic! :)

Back to the room for SWIMMING!

I really dun wanna spoilt your day by seeing me in bikinis. HAHA..

Even the toys came to join us.. And we lost the Rabbit (Clover from Sophia, I din know until my LO told me) somewhere in the pool.. :(

Inspired by a yoga mum, I attempted the upward bow pose for this shot. My gal looked amused here. HAHA.. It was obviously a failed shot, other than the not-so-nice posture, I was cropped but I refused to do another shot cos it was scorching hot!! My legs and hands were burning against the floor!! Ouch…

Enjoying the view of the marina.

Enjoying herself on the pool side daybed or I have no idea on what is it called… :P

Basking or rather baking in the sun as he needed some vitamin D. -_- Nothing wrong with the pic or camera, I heavily filtered this pic. HAHA

Meanwhile, LO continued her “swimming” in the bathtub. No photo of her nudity. HAHA..

Father & daughter bonding — slacking in the Jacuzzi bathtub and watched cartoon together..

Stretching the fats away by doing my favourite butterfly pose. ƸӜƷ

The sweltering hot sun was about to set, and I went out to the balcony for some shots.

I seriously wouldn’t mind a plunge pool sprawling around my balcony just right outside my bedroom!

My turn for a good bubbly wash in the Jacuzzi bathtub.. A really longgggg shower I had so farrrr.

We were supposed to dine out at Quayside Isle. But since we were given such a luxurious stay, we decided to order room service and dine in instead to make good used of our stay.

The food was mediocre and the chocolate cake was hard as a rock?! =_= Or maybe it was supposed to taste like this. Hmmm..

Did not take any night shot of the room and surrounding as we were all slacking on bed to catch HBO – Poseidon. Hit the sack shortly when the show ended as we were too tired. ZZZ..

Ordered room service for breakfast since our package did not come with breakfast. Breakfast on bed? Nope.. we wanted to eat at the balcony as it was pretty windy. So windy that my LO told me to off the fan! LOL. She looks like she is doing some hair modelling here ya?

Unfortunately, it started pouring heavily shortly so we shifted back to the room. But phew, thank God it did not rain on Friday else we would be missing so much fun! ;)

W-hotel, thanks for the pleasant surprise and wonderful stay. We were WOW and we look forward to coming back again soon. OR even other parts of the World if our budget allows. ^^